Moving truck available at American Self Storage in Staten Island, New York

Free Moving Truck in Staten Island, NY

At American Self Storage we realize that getting your belongings to your storage unit may be a challenge. That’s why we offer our first-time customers the use of a truck, to help make life easier and facilitate a smooth transition.

Instead of making several trips in the family car or spending money on a rental, you have the use of a 13’ box truck to transport your cherished possessions. Capable of fitting all kinds of furniture, boxes, bins, and sporting equipment, your free truck rental will ensure an economical, quick and easy solution to your transportation dilemma.

In addition to your free truck, there may be other moving aids or conveniences available to you either for free or at a nominal charge, depending on the facility location. For instance, our NYC facilities offer free pick-ups and a driver! Some locations offer free use of dollies or hand trucks. So before you plan your move, call the office for details.

Keep in mind that the free truck is based on availability, so schedule your free truck rental in advance. As always, we’ll do what we can to maximize your convenience and accessibility so that whenever you think “Self Storage,” you’ll think American Self Storage.